Tuesday, October 11, 2011

THE OLD SPY (summary)

            Professor MacKenzie Roberts thought he had retired from the CIA to teach at a small college in Killarney, Ireland. That was not to be the case. A local murder turns out to be the lynchpin that reveals an intricate terrorist plot against London. The terrorists are an unlikely consortium of groups including the Real IRA and an al-Qaeda offshoot. The weapon is potentially more deadly than 9-11.

            Dragged out of retirement Roberts finds himself in the middle of the plot, which leads him on a breakneck journey of intrigue, torture, deception and betrayal, and which ultimately almost costs him his life. The characters include the bitter and crippled head of the Real IRA, al-Qaeda sleeper agents, the last survivor of Japan’s Aum Hayashi, an Irish journalist with close ties to a secret intelligence operation and a beautiful former student who once tried to seduce Roberts for a grade. This fast-paced page-turner could have come out of today’s news.

            The complete book is available at Amazon’s Kindle Store for 99 cents.

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